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The Woduels team.

The WodCoin is the official currency of the Woduels platform. The Price rate of 10 Wodcoin is fixed and set to exactly 1€. You may purchase and sell WODcoins at any time via your Woduels wallet.

Woduels.com is a fully functional peer to peer Esports betting platform, which allows gamers to wager and duel each other with WODcoins that are worth real money on many popular Esports titles. With Woduels.com, players are offered a fast, secure and easy way to compete for money and rewards on their favorite videos games.

Woduels.com lobby will always have a multitude of different challenges available. These will vary based on console, game, number of players required and fixed betted amount.

We currently welcome players of all skill levels on a worldwide scale. Players must be at least 18 years of age to register and go through our short and easy KYC process in order to withdraw their winnings (subject to common industry standards).

We take security very seriously at Woduels.com, our system is protected behind an industrial strength firewall. All sensitive data is transmitted through high-grade 256-bit encryption to protect against interception.

Woduels.com is designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to participate in e-sport contests whenever you like against people of similar ability! We have a 0 tolerance policy against cheaters, griefers and smurfs and have several solid measures in place in order to eliminate and permanently ban users who do not respect our rules. With Woduels.com you are sure to find an opponent that is honest and matches your skill level. We focus on the quality of our users as opposed to quantity.

Woduels.com supports top multiplayer titles for the PlayStation™, Xbox One™, IOS, Android and PC.

Under no circumstance do we charge a credit card or PayPal account without full consent. Using Woduels.com is free and will remain so indefinitely.

If you have a specific request for a game you would like to see added to the site, please feel free to get in touch with us through the 'Contact Us' button (or contact@woduels.com) with the title “game addition request” in the title. Additionally, if you represent a community or have friends that would like to see the game in question as well, you may specify your needs and we will accommodate them accordingly.

Woduels.com takes only a 12% fee on the duel winnings, which is much lower than all other PvP sites !

We ask you for your identity documents for the purpose of upholding with the laws and regulations that are accustomed in this field, and to make sure you have a healthy, secure and friendly community and platform to duel and play on.

Your documents are encrypted with a state of the art software that prevents anyone from accessing them, except for our management. 

Protecting our user's privacy is a crucial part of our business and we are constantly adding and updating all our security features.

You are not obligated to upload any documents, unless you want to withdraw, in which case we will need to verify your identity.

We currently offer challenges on  FIFA19, FIFA18, League of Legends, Rocket league, CS:GO and Fortnite. Please note that we are constantly striving to add more games to the site.

Woduels.com is designed to enable you to play challenges on a wide range of multiplayer games. With that in mind, we will constantly be adding to the available games listed in the challenge lobby, according to our community's demands.